Fast food logos unconsciously trigger fast behaviour : Not Exactly
12 Feb 2010 Part 1 will look at the fast food logos with sun-on-cross symbolism. .... There was a brown coffee table and a couch, and hunting pictures
Fast food makes you think fast
23 Apr 2010 The fast - food group saw logos of McDonald's and KFC in the mix; the control group instead viewed pictures of two generic low-priced diners.
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News | SDSU | Overweight Kids Readily Recognize Fast Food Logos
22 Mar 2010 As predicted, those who considered the fast food logos were more .... Better controls would be non- fast food brands and logos with no brand
Brand Review: The McDonalds Refresh & Fast Food Chains
It's my favorite Japanese logo with eight legs. Have you seen a better fast food logo ? A Hasegawa octopus logo ? This is the best logo ever.
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Fast Food Logos html .gif .jpeg Burger King Wendy's Taco Bell Subway Logo Pic Image Img .jpg html decal.
Study: Fast - food logos make you impatient - Food Psychology
Certain logos -- including those for fast food chains (McDonald's), Burger King Double Cheeseburger Fail - FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos of
Fast Food Pictures
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick Viewby CB Zhong - Related articlessubliminal prime of fast food . Six logo images (matched for size) taken from major fast .... of the fast food pictures were equally inexpensive (M=3.00,
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An independent guide to fast food restaurant locations, menus, reviews, only place where the manager actually tried to block me from taking pictures .
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Fast food restaurants are detrimental to physical and mental health
25 Jun 2010 Check out pictures of their wedding here. More Krystal Fast Food News: That should do the trick. More Krystal Fast Food News:
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9 Feb 2009 Children were asked to match pictures of 10 logo cards to products or fast food restaurants. The fast food logos used in the study included
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14 Jan 2007 The McDonalds logo , like many of the other fast food brands logos , was developed in the 1970's and although has had some refresh work done