Study Shows Parents Pick Low Cal Happy Meals When Nutrition
Fast Food Calories - Nutritional Facts & Menu Information on Restaurants. Ever wonder what fast food will do to your well-honed meal plan?
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4 Jun 2010 10 Healthy Fast Food Meals Under 400 Calories . Looking for a healthy meal to eat on the run? Try one of these smart choices (11 Photos)
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5 Aug 2008 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Kids' meals at popular fast - food restaurants deliver more than a quick lunch or dinner -- 90 percent of them have far
Frequent Fast Food Meals Increase Weight, Diabetes Risk, Study
How serious can you be when you're talking to a clown? Millions of us face that problem as we approach the drive-thru squawk box—ornamented with those wacky
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fast foods . USA's most comprehensive and up-to-date food database. Deli, Sandwiches, Wraps · Fast - Food Chains & Restaurants · Restaurant & International Foods Beverages (Sports, Energy & Meal Shakes, Soda, Coffee, Tea)
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25 Jan 2010 Parents Slash Calories on Kids' Fast - Food Meals . Parents, armed with nutritional data, will order lower- calorie selections for their kids at
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To help you do the same, Eat This, Not That! has compiled this list of 10 fast food meals under 500 calories . (Tell the clown we sent you.)
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30 Dec 2004 People need to evaluate how often they eat meals at fast - food of these restaurants often contains enough calories to satisfy a person's
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How does your meal add up? Use our fast food calorie counter to calculate the calories and fat you consume when eating at fast - food restaurants.
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There are now 60 restaurants in the Chowbaby Fast Food and Calories Guide. We've added some more restaurants that are a step up from fast food ,
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Fat and Calorie Content of Fast Food Versus a Home-Cooked Meal . Eating fast food once in a while won't hurt you, but too much of it can cause serious
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Nutritional facts for brand name products and fast food restaurants. Weight Loss , free diets, nutritional supplements, calorie counter and more.
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3 Dec 2009 Note: It may be best to limit your fast food intake to one meal a day, While this order is certainly low in calories , you might consider
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You do realize that you can eat a high calorie food at a non- fast food No where else can you get a 3000 calorie meal for under $15 without even getting
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Low Carb, Low Calorie Fast Food Meals . Looking for something healthy to eat at a fast food restaurant? Here are a few options that are low carb and low