Reuters AlertNet - FEATURE-Yemen's water crisis eclipses al Qaeda
10 Jan 2010 The media often argues that al Qaeda's viability as terrorists requires buses and subways or tampering with the drug and food supply ?
The Butt Bomb | The New Republic
Deliver to the U.S. all of the leaders of Al Qaeda ; ..... were extremely important to the supply of food , employment, reconstruction, and other services.
The Perspective on Terrorists and the U.S. Food Supply | STRATFOR
In any country, the job of securing the food supply presents complex challenges, have revealed an al Qaeda interest in conducting biological attacks,
The International Journal of the Humanities ยป Protecting the
26 Jan 2010 "We know al - Qaeda has talked about going after food supplies in the United States," the Post quotes an anonymous U. S. Justice Department
Publications: Food Supply and Water Purification Security
7 Jan 2010 And I just don't see Al Qaeda recruiting the type of guy who, lets say, dam, food supply --well then, we've got ourselves a situation.
Filling Holes in the Food Supply - TIME
The town is believed by officials to be part of the al Qaeda supply network and Alexis Debat this week of foreigners buying large quantities of food .
Reason Morning Links: Al Qaeda , Wildfires, and Flying Saucers
9 Feb 2009 The posting, which quoted imprisoned Al Qaeda terrorist Mustafa in the same way that terrorists could poison stored food supplies ."
Al Qaeda recruiters target Algeria's young jobless | Reuters
19 Feb 2010 The men are suspected of trying to poison the food supply at Fort However, we also have had a recent attempt by al Qaeda to attack our
Choices Article - Defending America's Food Supply Against
9 Feb 2010 "It could be in the food supply , but it also can be in waters that ..... CIA Director Says U.S. Has Undermined Al Qaeda But Struggles to
Al - Qaida recruits young, jobless Algerians - World news - Mideast
10 Mar 2005 Exactly how vulnerable is the country's food supply to disruption? .... That said, al - Qaeda theological leaders have specifically exhorted
Water, Not al - Qaeda , is Yemen's Main Domestic Concern, Experts Say
21 Jun 2010 The latest Al Qaeda propaganda tape highlights the president's and soldiers raiding wholesalers accused of hoarding: Food supply is the
Australian Wildfires Could Fuel 'Forest Jihad' Terrorists, Experts
13 Jun 2010 After al-Shabab started getting support from al - Qaeda in Yemen and other the soldiers say they have no food to eat and a major arms dealer told The steady supply of arms means there is no victor and no vanquished
Malcolm Nance: How the Media Gets Terrorists All Wrong
10 Jun 2003 It shouldn't be surprising that a determined enemy like al Qaeda would consider ways to disrupt U.S. food supplies .
Animal Antibiotic Overuse Hurting Humans? - CBS Evening News - CBS
24 Jun 2010 "As long as the youth find no jobs and no occupation, al Qaeda will "His job was to supply food and watch security forces' movements in
Insanity rules the new front in al - Qaeda's war - Mail & Guardian
Protecting the Global Food Supply from a Terrorist Attack sector were found in the caves and safe houses of members of al Qaeda in Afghanistan.